Below are some recent endorsements from a few of our patients. First of all, each testimonial shares a personal story about our patients results with the Ansanelli co2 laser technique. Our patient's testimonials show how pleased they have been with their results and Laser Breast Cancer Surgery. Each testimonial points out how much our patients prefer Laser breast cancer surgery compared to common methods. When given a choice between common surgical procedures (knife, electric cautery, and plasma kinetic cautery) and the co2 laser technique, they prefer Laser Breast Cancer Surgery.

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I'm so pleased with my decision to have Dr Ansanelli perform my surgery. In April of 2014 he removed a tumor that was about 2cm in diameter. It was a relatively quick and painless procedure. I'm extremely happy with the cosmetic results as well as the entire experience. I have a small scar that is flat and once faded will be barely visible. I've had other Doctors comment about the appearance of my breast and ask who my surgeon was. While getting an ultrasound months ago, I was told that they rarely see something that heals so quickly. They also commented that they have never seen someone without an indent from having a tumor removed. Both Dr Ansanelli and his team have wonderful bedside manor and made me feel well cared for throughout the entire procedure and follow-up appointments. I would highly recommend using him.

After a major procedure involving my breast cancer and prosthetics on both breasts, I am fine almost 2 yrs later. I have MRI every 6 months and so far I am clean. No radiation or chemo has been performed.


I’m Bettsy Tee from Malaysia; I found a lump in my left breast on September 2012, that time the lump was about 1cm in size. My surgeon in Malaysia recommended a complete mastectomy of the breast due to it is a recurrent DCIS from the year 2008, (I had removed a lump in the year 2008, December, the histopathology report shown its under carcinoma in-situ). I went for a second opinion; he refused to the surgery for the only removal of the lump instead of the mastectomy.

That’s why I give up with the surgeon in Malaysia with this lump, with this my lump still growing bigger.

Then I go for the third doctor to get another opinion, but this time the doctor do not confident to do only remove the lump, she worried that the margin can’t be clean at all. And the doctor suggested that to do chemotherapy to shrink the lump first then after that only she is confident to only exactly remove the lump. After this, I get one nutrition friend who recommended me to search on Dr. Ansanelli’s website to get more further details. After a few weeks consideration and emailing with Dr. Ansanelli, I do send all medical report to the doctor. After the doctor reviewing the reports, Dr. Ansanelli concludes that with preserve my breast with just doing laser surgery for only remove the lump.

I’m very glad and happy to know this doctor. And this surgery is actually no pain, not much bleeding, and fast recovery. After my surgery, I can go shopping and eat whatever I wish too, the most perfect is I didn’t feel my breast unbalancing, although the big lump had already been removed.

Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the surgery team of Dr. Ansanelli, to me full support, special thanks to Alexandra to assist me in the paperwork.

Dr. Ansanelli, Thank you for everything.


I am writing to give my wholehearted recommendation for Dr. Vincent Ansanelli's laser breast surgery. I had been worried for about a year about something that came up on my sonogram, although there was no rush because everyone thought it was benign. My OB-GYN thought I could watch it, but I found myself thinking about it constantly and decided the best thing was to have it removed. The only reason, I decided to have the procedure was because Dr. Ansanelli's laser surgery was in his office with no general anesthesia and minimal scarring. I know in my heart, I would not have been able to make this decision, if I had to go to a hospital and undertake such a procedure with conventional surgery, and today I would still be worried. So last December, I had the solid mass removed with Dr. Ansanelli's team and it did turn out to be benign. Still, it was the best decision I ever made. I have no more worry and the whole procedure was painless as physically and emotionally as possible. I thank Dr. Ansanelli for his hard work and all he does for women, giving them an alternative to breast laser surgery that heals both body and mind.

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