Below are some recent endorsements from a few of our patients. First of all, each testimonial shares a personal story about our patients results with the Ansanelli co2 laser technique. Our patient's testimonials show how pleased they have been with their results and Laser Breast Cancer Surgery. Each testimonial points out how much our patients prefer Laser breast cancer surgery compared to common methods. When given a choice between common surgical procedures (knife, electric cautery, and plasma kinetic cautery) and the co2 laser technique, they prefer Laser Breast Cancer Surgery.

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I wouldn’t let this summer go by without sending you a note to thank you for a painless surgery!
Because of your skills and technique, my mastectomy was painless and I have been able to enjoy my rural activities at my ranch in Northern, California. I’m sending you some honey from my hives here.
I am still amazed at the simplicity of the operation. It happened exactly as you said! No pain, no bleeding, clear margins, After having surgery at noon, I was able to walk to a restaurant, and have dinner with my family in the Hamptons! I also wish to thank Alexandra, so compassionate, intelligent and kind.

God Bless your Good Heart,

I am so happy that I found Dr. Ansanelli!!!!!

I was originally told by the Doctors here that “there was no such thing as Laser Surgery for Breast Cancer”…Oh really, he was only 64 miles away. Not only is Dr. Ansanelli incredibly caring, diligent and professional, he makes himself available for any questions and concerns at all times. He even called me at home on a Friday night to make sure that I was OK. His entire staff is equally comforting. The surgery was a breeze! A half hour after surgery, (partial mastectomy) I was down the street at the Kosher Deli enjoying a corn beef sandwich and a potato pancake (Hey, when in Rome)! I found myself back to work immediately, minimal pain and what a job he did cosmetically! I do not understand why this procedure is not protocol and available at any Breast Cancer Facility due to the benefits of receiving Laser Surgery versus conventional. I highly recommend Dr. Ansanelli to any woman in the need of a surgeon for breast cancer! He’s honest and optimistic…you’ll see that for yourself when you meet him for yourself.

Thank you, Dr. Ansanelli and God Bless!

Thank you for everything and hope to see you soon!!!


Thank you for your amazing office staff and your goodness, passion and expertise in Lazer surgery. You are a True Pioneer who sorks in the Truth as a Humanitarian in your field. You're a True Saint to women and We Thank you with all our love.


My experience with Dr. Ansanelli was amazing! Diagnosed originally in 2012 with invasive ductal carcinoma ER+ (lumpectomy performed), I had a recurrence in 2014 and underwent a double mastectomy and reconstruction via conventional means (general anesthesia and knife). I spent 4 miserable days in the hospital- drugged and traumatized and nearly forced to leave the hospital because my insurance didn't want to pay any more . I had to beg to stay in the hospital, because I thought I would die if I went home. The road to recovery was brutal and long. Fast forward to February of 2017 with Dr. Ansanelli at which time I underwent my second double mastectomy to remove three lumps that had appeared since the first mastectomy (and chemotherapy). The surgery was performed in his office as an outpatient procedure! I awoke and walked out of his office that day! I was stunned. I ate normally the first day and was walking the halls of the hotel that evening. I had minimal pain and only took Tylenol for discomfort. By the next day I was taking walks with my husband with no trouble. Dr. Ansanelli has renewed my faith that there are some blessed spirits out there who still hold the Hippocratic oath as a tenet of practicing medicine. I am eternally grateful for his calm, gentle, caring way; his willingness to listen and treat me as an intelligent being; his skill; his wisdom to think outside the box and perform a type of surgery that should be the way breast cancer surgery is done. I couldn't recommend him any more highly!
God Bless your Good Heart,


I, Robyn, feel that every woman should most definitely have this laser procedure done. Most importantly, I would love to stress the importance of no pain afterward.

I was diagnosed with Stage 1-2 breast cancer of the right breast. I was very blessed to find Dr. Ansanelli. In my opinion, he is a blessing. He is a caring doctor who you most definitely has your interest at heart.

I wondered why the hospital does not have this procedure implemented in the hospital? I would recommend Laser Surgery to all women who have to make the decision on having breast cancer removal. Laser Surgery is the way to go. I would recommend Dr. Ansanelli to any women who elect to have this procedure done. I had my procedure done and went home the same day.


Thank you for saving my life. I do not know why no other doctor does the wonderful work you do. You are all so kind and caring and when one meets you, its clear that you do this to help women and care deeply. From the time one contacts you till the post surgery visits and getting all results from testing you let us know that our cancer and we are your utmost concern.

I have never been good at putting into words how I feel but I just wanted to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart.

Most sincerely,

The laser surgery far exceeded my expectations. I was walking, talking and joking around minutes after surgery. Personally and professionally Dr. Ansanelli and his staff go above and beyond for their patients. They were knowledgeable and caring and went the extra mile for my comfort. I'm so glad I chose his practice.

This is my 2nd trip to Dr. Ansanelli. The 1st was 7 years ago for a lumpectomy. Recently I had a suspicious calcification on my mammogram and rather than do a needle biopsy which can spread cancer cells, I chose to go back to Dr. Ansanelli and have a wide excision biopsy. The laser method he uses is far superior in so many ways. There is almost no pain afterwards (Tylenol is recommended if needed), and after we rested a hour or two afterwards we went out to dinner. I felt great the next day. There is no general anesthesia to recover from. There is no exposure to other germs in a hospital setting; all surgery is done in his office surgical suite. We flew to New York from Atlanta, and on my follow up visit the next day there were ladies from Virginia and Florida. 16 years ago I had a mastectomy the traditional way, and it was a nightmare for me. The pain a week later was so severe I ended up in the emergency room. Read his website to see testimony after testimony of how wonderful the laser rather than a scalpel is. Dr. Ansanelli genuinely cares about his patients. He called us at the hotel the night after surgery to make sure I was OK, and when the pathology report came in he called and discussed it with us in depth. You never feel rushed or just a number with him. He takes time to answer all questions. Other doctors need to learn his laser method and use it instead of the scalpel. It is well worth the money to travel to New York to see him (his office is on Long Island so you don't have to pay Manhattan hotel prices). I can't say enough high praises for Dr. Ansanelli--He is the BEST!

"When we go through things like breast cancer, we’re only given one way - surgery, chemo, radiation. And when we decide to do something different, there aren’t many options presented to you. So just know that here at the breast cancer surgery clinic with Dr. Ansanelli, you do have the opportunity to have options.”

Katreice from Georgia


I of suffered with stage 4 HER2 positive breast cancer tumor that had protruded the skin and was hemorrhaging for a year. Was going through treatments and awaiting the time my oncologist said I can get the surgery. Well, I don't know what the hold up was but that time never came and it was getting worse. I feel the surgeons were scared to touch it. I'm kind of glad they didn't. I researched and found of my chances for spreading was greater with scalpel surgery. The "Core" biopsy had already made it spread to my lymph-node (in my opinion) as it broke blood vessels and let the cancer cells escape. So when I heard about the laser surgery and its ability to singe off the blood vessels, and not allowing the cancer to spread, I jump at the chance. I had a full mastectomy, plus a few lymph-nodes in my armpit removed. All in an hours time. I hoped off the gurney in not real pain, left the office that same day. That was 2015 and I'm happy to be living a quality life still to this day thanks to Dr. Ansanelli and his crew. Just wish and hope more doctors learn this procedure soon. I'd also recommend my friends and family to go to him for a biopsy first, if they have an suspect mammograms or a lump found.


Dr. Ansanelli did my mastectomy in 2016. I returned to work almost immediately following my surgery. When I awoke from surgery I had no pain. My post op time was excellent. Today, I am cancer free, thanks to Dr. Ansanelli skill and use of breast cancer lasers. He and his staff are professional and very accommodating. I am a retired Social worker and have worked 30 years in the medical management profession. I highly recommend Dr Ansanelli for breast cancer surgery.


I am writing in profound gratitude and appreciation for the ground-breaking work of Dr. Vincent Ansanelli and his wonderful, supportive staff. I am 46 years old and had a mastectomy in November, 2012 performed by Dr. Ansanelli, due to a diagnosis of advanced breast cancer. From my initial visit with Dr. Ansanelli I found him to be extraordinarily kind, knowledgeable and compassionate. (To this day my husband refers to the Doctor as "Saint Ansanelli!) Although I was truly upset about and afraid of having to go through a mastectomy, we trusted Dr. Ansanelli straight away do to his tremendous amount of experience and great kindness. We knew that I would be in very good hands. Dr. Ansanelli, while being direct about his serious concerns for my health, is one of the very few doctors who acknowledged that the prospect of a mastectomy was difficult, thereby offering the emotional awareness and connectedness one hopes for in a doctor, but so rarely receives.

The laser breast surgery technique that Dr. Ansanelli has developed is truly revolutionary. The fact that the procedure was performed with a laser, as an outpatient in the Doctor's surgical suite, without the use of general anesthetic meant that the recovery time was much faster and the pain less. My husband and I stayed in a hotel near Dr. Ansanelli's office. We were very comfortable there, without all the noise, hubbub and bad food one gets in a hospital, and although this sounds hard to believe, it was a very restful and rejuvenating time for us, even as I was recovering from the surgery. I did take it easy, but I was able to go for a short walk and enjoy watching movies with my husband the very same day as the surgery. I was in very little pain after the procedure and only took advil for a day or two. Also, there was very little drainage from the surgery site. When my medical oncologist in Maryland saw the incision 2 weeks later she couldn't believe how good it looked. There was no bruising and the scar was healing very nicely. Moreover, I did not experience any lymphedema from the surgery, helping me to a full recovery without multiple other concerns and difficulties.

The day after the surgery when Dr. Ansanelli examined me, he again helped with the emotional impact of losing a breast. I had not yet undone the bandages as I was afraid to look. I was also afraid for my husband to see how I would look. Dr. Ansanelli helped me to overcome these fears by having my husband present when the bandages were removed, thereby avoiding all the drama I was attaching to that moment. We were both very surprised at the beautiful cosmetic job that he had done, carefully leaving me with some shape to the remaining tissue that will make a reconstruction easier once I am cleared to do that.

This procedure and the doctor that created it are so very special. I can only hope that it Dr. Ansanelli's laser technique will become available to more women to save them much of the trauma and discomfort associated with lumpectomies and mastectomies . One wishes for the day when laser breast cancer surgery is the standard of care. So many women are suffering to a much greater degree than necessary with conventional surgery.

Finally, it is difficult to express the level of gratitude I feel towards Dr. Ansanelli and staff. I can only say thank you and send much love and blessings to you all. And the prayer that this wonderful technique will spread far and wide.

Very truly yours,


In February 2015, I had laser radical mastectomy and 4 lymph nodes removed with Dr. Ansanelli. He was gentle and respectful, causing no harm to my body. I experienced no pain, no general anesthesia, no emotional trauma, no bleeding, no hospitalization (where one can easily pick up resistant bacteria), no harmful medications, no cutting of nerves and no swelling. I was able to return to Cape Cod and resume my busy life immediately afterwards including the 24/7 care of my husband who had strokes and my Path to Vibrant Health business. I was filled with so much gratitude and joy! So, last week, I "paid it forward" by bringing my friend, Patricia to Dr. Ansanelli to have her surgery of Stage 4 cancer, just like my friend, Morgaine brought me to Long Island. Patricia has experience the same unbelievable relief, happiness and inner joy that I did! Laser surgery is a miracle, and we want the whole world to know about it in order to lessen the suffering, the emotional trauma and the barbaric treatments many women go through. (I was diagnosed in June 2003, and said "no" to conventional treatments that would have damaged my immune system. In 2006 my oncologist surprisingly said to me that the treatments they do are barbaric, and hopefully in another ten years there would be research and new treatments that wouldn't be as barbaric as they are now. Well, more than ten years have passed, and the standard treatments have not changed. For the US, the cancer industry has become one of the biggest economic booms. And, this is why there is not the political will to find a cure for cancer. The industry's focus is on revenue generating and not prevention or people''s well-being and quality of life.) I would be glad to share more with you about my experience. Thank you!

Very truly yours,


Dear Dr. Ansanelli:

I was diagnosed with breast cancer with a needle biopsy in late November 2014 and did not find information about your surgical work with the laser to diagnose and remove breast cancer until the middle of the next month. Had I known about your work earlier, I would have had you do my biopsy as well as my two mastectomy surgeries.
My first surgery, a modified simple mastectomy was performed on January 20, 2015, and my experience was just as outlined in your patient testimonials. After surgery, I was awake and aware in the recovery room, not in pain, and was able to walk out and take a cab ride back to my hotel.
Later in the evening I walked to the hotel dining room and enjoyed a regular meal with my son and husband. My pain after surgery was minimal and controlled with Tylenol. I was physically able to travel to my home by air on January 25, 2015. Unfortunately, as you know, my pathology report revealed that the surgical margins were not clear and an additional laser surgery was needed.

While having a second surgery was unexpected, you had made me aware of conversations prior to my first surgery that we would not know until after the pathology report whether or not all the cancer was removed successfully. Receiving the news about the margins was disheartening for you and for me, but because the first surgery went well and my experience was exactly as outlined on your website and in numerous patient testimonials —I was emotionally and physically able to rally myself to fly out again to New York to have the rest of the cancer removed.

Your office staff worked to schedule me for the second surgery as soon as possible and I was offered an appointment the first week in February. As I live in another state, I needed more time to make travel arrangements and so my appointment was scheduled for February 10, 2015. Again, after the second surgery, my pain was minimal, controlled by Tylenol, and I was fully mobile after surgery, walking, eating regular meals, and I am physically able to fly home on February 15, 2015.
Dr. Ansanelli, I so appreciate your consultations with me, your kind manner, and your willingness to be a part of my treatment team going forward. My experience with you and your staff has been excellent. I was treated with compassion, kindness, and respect. You and your staff are wonderful in person and each of worked with me at a distance with professionalism.

While I do not want my personal information, e.g., phone number, email, and address shared publicly on your website, I am willing to have my information selectively shared with others with breast cancer who might want to talk to someone who has experienced your skilled work in laser breast cancer surgery.
Thank you for taking such good care of me.
Warm Regards,

I was diagnosed with breast cancer in early April 2013. Like many women who are presented with this diagnosis, I was given rather drastic options. Having researched cancer, cancer treatments and alternatives some years ago, I knew I didn't want to immediately jump into the standard of care treatment options that were presented to me. Even though this was a time of confusion, fear and anxiety for me like it is typically for others, I had to push back on the "voices" pressing in on me and take some time to research alternatives with which I felt more comfortable. My honest, probing questions of the initial surgeon and oncologist that I consulted with were met with an air of professional superiority and vague intimidation. I knew I couldn't succumb to surgery under those circumstances. I went on a search for someone/something else - but I didn't know exactly what. I immediately went on curcumin and iodine/iodide, as well as a ketogenic diet which helped me lower my blood sugar, which is important in fighting cancer. I began to research other alternative methods to bring my health back up so my body could help itself.

I found out about Dr. Ansanelli who was recommended to me by two sisters who were breast cancer surgery patients. I am thankful that I chose Dr. Ansanelli for my surgery in that his type of surgery (laser) is supposed to reduce the chance of spreading cancer during breast cancer surgery, which, it turns out, is very important. But a standard surgeon/oncologist won't tell you this.

I researched quite a bit on the Internet to find a doctor or facility closer to me that does laser breast cancer surgery, and I could find no others in the U.S. It's a detriment to women that this type of surgery is not available everywhere.

I was recently reading Susanne Somers book "Knockout" and came to a part where Dr. Bill Faloon was discussing how it has been long known how conventional cancer surgery will actually cause cancer to metastasize. A quote from the British Journal of Cancer caught my attention that "primary tumor removal may result in sudden acceleration of metastatic process." The book says that the Annals of Surgery mentions researchers reported that cancer surgery itself can create an environment in the body that greatly lessens the obstacles to metastasis. Dr. Bill Faloon explains some of the reasons for this and ways to reduce the spread during conventional surgery.

I made the choice to have surgery, and I'm comforted to know I made the right choice with Dr. Ansanelli and laser surgery. He also patiently answered my questions - I'm sure he hears the same ones over and over again. He respected my opinions and my decisions in my surgery. After the surgery was over, I was walked into the next room where I finished waking up. When I was no longer groggy, my daughter and I walked out together. My pain level was fairly low at that time.

Remember that you deserve to be treated with compassion and concern in your crisis. You deserve to get the best treatment you can obtain. You are not a statistic - you are not a number - you are a whole human being who needs to treat your whole body "dis-ease" and by physicians/surgeons who respect you as an individual and human being in crisis. Please don't stop at just having surgery (or chemo and radiation if you decide to have them); but investigate what you need to do to get your health back - body, soul and spirit. There's so much you can do now - educate yourself and talk to others. May God be with you in your journey to health and wholeness!

3 John 1:2 "Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers."


On January 7, 2013, my husband Rick and I traveled from Eureka, Montana to Plainview, New York to have laser breast surgery by the hands of Dr. Vincent Ansanelli. I was diagnosed with Infiltrating Ductal Carcinoma, Stage III, almost a year prior, and declined the conventional treatment that was offered – the standard mastectomy, radiation, and chemotherapy. I was certain that the cancer cells had long ago circulated through my entire body, and cutting off my breast was not going to stop it. So I embarked on an alternative therapy of rebuilding my immune system. My alternative doctors did stress that removing the tumors would lighten the load on my immune system, and give me the advantage to get ahead of the cancer. I was not successful in finding a surgeon who would remove only the tumors. So I waited, and finally, in December of 2012, Dr. Ansanelli was recommended to me by a woman who had been to see him and testified of how successful her laser surgery was. We immediately called Dr. Ansanelli and made arrangements for surgery. It was everything we had hoped for – no pain, bleeding or bruising, even though a large mass of several tumors and 12 lymph nodes were removed. Dr. Ansanelli even showed me the tumor masses in a jar he had labeled to send off to the lab for analysis. After receiving instructions from him to be sure to walk to prevent any clots and gave me the specifics on caring for the surgery site, my husband and I went and had a meal of some very good Long Island Pizza! Dr. Ansanelli called us that evening to be certain things were going well for me, and then examined me again the next day, before we returned to Montana. I felt immediately the relief from the tumor load and my energy increased almost instantly.
Since the surgery, my health has improved greatly. I have recovered some pounds I was badly in need of and my energy has returned to the best I can remember. The surgery site healed rapidly and the breast from which the tumors were removed from, is not at all deformed like other doctors had promised it would be. Dr. Ansanelli manipulated my breast tissue during surgery so that it was not obvious at all where the tumors once were and I have no lymphedema from the lymph node removal!

Besides the rapid healing and almost no trauma to the body, the chance of releasing tumor cells into the body was almost non-existent because the blood vessels and tissues were sealed with the laser.

I would encourage any woman to investigate this opportunity to have laser surgery in contrast to conventional surgery. I am glad I did.


I, Robyn, feel that every woman should, most definitely have this laser procedure done. Most importantly, I would love to stress the importance of no pain afterwards. I was diagnosed with stage 1-2 breast cancer of the right breast. I was very blessed to find Dr. Ansanelli. In my opinion, he is a blessing. He is a caring doctor who is sensitive to all your needs. He is compassionate and understanding. You have the confidence in knowing that your care is with a doctor who you most definitely has your interest at heart. I wondered why the hospital does not have this procedure implemented in the hospital? I would recommend Laser Surgery to all women who have to make the decision on having Breast cancer removal. Laser Surgery is the way to go. I would recommend Dr. Ansanelli to any women who elect to have this procedure done. I had my procedure done and went home the same day.


I have had a lumpectomy by you with the laser and one earlier by a surgeon using a knife. There was no comparison in the difference and how much less invasive the surgery is. With the knife I was bruised across my entire chest. With the laser, there was NO bruising!! The speed that I healed was far faster and with no pain. The laser is so much better!!

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your care and commitment to my health. I have never had a doctor that exhibited such a depth of caring by you. The certainty you bring is very comforting in a difficult and uncertain time.

Your staff, Rita and Alexandra, are people I love interacting with-pure pleasure. They are fast, precise, responsive and deeply caring. I didn’t think I have ever experienced such a well-run doctors office with a lot of heart.

Thank you for being there for me,

Because of doctors like you, the world is a better place to live. Doctor, you are one of a kind. You are one of the most compassionate and caring doctors I know and knowing you has been an honor.

By using laser for the surgical treatment of breast cancer is God’s gift, that’s why you were the chosen one. Your knowledge, skill, hard work and never giving up on anyone made many women happy about themselves. I know this kind of surgery is not simple but you still choose to go on. You never give up because I know down deep in your heart you want to do all you can to beat this terrible disease.

Thank you doctor form the bottom of my heart for giving me back my life. I speak for all the women out there that we never give up because we have Dr. Ansanelli on our side and he will do all he can to make us feel like ourselves again.

God Bless and keep you safe always. You are my hero Dr. Ansanelli.

I have had a lumpectomy by you with the laser and one earlier by a surgeon using a knife. There was no comparison in the difference and how much less invasive the surgery is. With the knife I was bruised across my entire chest. With the laser, there was NO bruising!! The speed that I healed was far faster and with no pain. The laser is so much better!!

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your care and commitment to my health. I have never had a doctor that exhibited such a depth of caring by you. The certainty you bring is very comforting in a difficult and uncertain time.

Your staff, Rita and Alexandra, are people I love interacting with-pure pleasure. They are fast, precise, responsive and deeply caring. I didn’t think I have ever experienced such a well-run doctors office with a lot of heart.

Thank you for being there for me


While sitting on the exam table the day following surgery, Dr. Ansanelli asked if there was anything I wanted to share with him regarding my procedure. I replied, “I love laser and I love your.” Dr. Ansanelli looked astounded but my words conveyed my feelings. The tumor that was removed was the size of a lemon and yet Dr. Ansanelli had done an amazing job reconstructing my breast and I felt great.

This was not my first experience with laser surgery. Eleven years ago I had cancer of the larynx. The standard treatment for this type of cancer was 60 treatments of radiation, 5 days a week for 6 consecutive weeks. Fortunately, my primary care physician, H. Robert Silberstein suggested laser as it is site specific and vaporizes the cancer cells. This is the surgery I chose and I have been cancer free until I discovered the lump in my breast. I immediately went on the Internet and was very excited to find Dr. Ansanelli. I knew that with laser I had the best chance of a positive outcome.

I contacted his office, sent my mammogram and ultrasound films to him and he called me that same day. I went in for a consult, my surgery was scheduled and it was three hours long. There was no pain with the entire procedure and any discomfort was minimal. One day after surgery I was back to my daily routine, including taking one-hour walks.

In short, I want to extend my sincerest gratitude to Dr. A and his team. They are kind, concerned and radiate a positive healing energy. As for Dr. Ansanelli, God has blessed his hands, heart and mind. He is a traditional surgeon who had the courage to swim against the tide, to step outside of the mainstream in order to do the work that is most beneficial to women.

So many of my friends with breast cancer underwent surgery with the scalpel and had pain and mutilation. For years the Halstead or Radical Mastectomy was the standard of treatment for breast cancer. Despite the fact that European studies showed no difference in outcome with radical surgery versus a lumpectomy, the radical mastectomy remained the standard of care in the US for a very long time.

Why are so many women unfamiliar with laser surgery for breast cancer? Statistics show that because the lymph and blood vessels are vaporized, (sealed); there is only a 10% chance of leaving residual cancer cells versus 28% with traditional scalpel surgery. Women must do their own research and avoid slipping passively in and out of the cancer industry machine. We must take charge of our own healing and find doctors who listen, care and put our interest first. Taking responsibility for ones health is much more challenging and time consuming than just blindly accepting what is dictated to us. It may be more costly but is your life and your health. And I ask, how powerful are the insurance companies that they can dictate to the surgeons what tool he can use?

I will make myself available to any woman via email who is interested in learning more about my experience. At this juncture I don’t know the pathology of my tumor or what future course of action I will take. I do know that mentally I am strong, peaceful, and feel that I will face the future with confidence. To Dr. Ansanelli and his team, my partners in healing, finding you all was a blessing. I am a happier healthier patient because of you. Thank you.


My words are inadequate to express my deepest appreciation for doing my surgery. What no other surgeon would attempt, you were willing and most able. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness, your humility, and your compassion for all of us women who have to face breast cancer. My prayer is that God will bless you in every way for many years to come as you give women hope!

Dear Dr. Ansanelli,

My words are inadequate to express my deepest appreciation for doing my surgery. What no other surgeon would attempt, you were willing and most able. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your kindness, your humility, and your compassion for all of us women who have to face breast cancer. My prayer is that God will bless you in every way for many years to come as you give women hope!

With much love,

Dear Dr. Ansanelli,

Thank you so much for performing laser surgery successfully on my wife. Your help is greatly appreciated! May God bless you!

Best Wishes,

Tom Wheeler



I had left breast, stage one cancer in 2010. I chose to have laser surgery by Dr. Vincent Ansanelli. I have had traditional breast surgery before and noticed a tremendous difference in my healing process after the laser. I experienced minimal post-op swelling and pain. My healing was faster, I had no bleeding, less drainage, and acceptable scarring. My left breast looks great and feels healthy. I had a few lymph nodes removed also and was able to do the “fingers wall climbing” exercise at a fantastic pace. Reaching the top of the wall so quickly was a major moral booster.

Besides Dr. Ansanelli having excellent laser surgery skills, his staff at the time of my surgery made me feel special, cared for and at home which was VERY important to me at a time of numbing stress. A doctor may have excellent skills with the human body, but his/her STAFF needs to have excellent skills with the patient’s heart and mind.

Thank you for letting me share my story.


My wife was recently diagnosed with breast cancer requiring a lumpectomy. Four months after receiving this horrible news she is doing more than ever. She is golfing, hiking, even flying a plane!

This is because she received the finest care from Dr. Ansanelli and his warm, friendly staff. He is a professional of the highest order, and his laser surgery is incredibly effective and is minimally invasive. Thank you Dr. Ansanelli!

I am a degreed engineer and have been working in electromagnetics and lasers sine 1985. Based on this experience, I am qualified to promote an opinion on this topic. The medical industry and its consumers should rapidly adopt laser surgery done in specialized clinics, rather than scalpel surgery done in hospitals and institutional facilities.

Lasers bring safe, clean, high-efficiency aspects to every other part of modern life; phones, cars, planes and computers all rely on them. Why be confined to old ways with breast cancer surgery? Here are some facts I have gathered.

Why breast cancer surgery is better with a laser than a scalpel:
Outpatient procedure – women go home within hours.
Only requires local anesthesia and intravenous sedation - no general anesthesia necessary.
The laser creates a dry operative field and seals the wound instantly:
Prevents blood and lymph loss.
Greatly reduces chance of spreading diseased cells.
Improves cosmetic results.
Only over-the-counter pain relief is prescribed – no opiate pain killers are needed.

Why a specialized clinic is better than a hospital or institutional facility:
Only laser surgery patients are at a laser breast surgery clinic, reducing risk of germs.
Hospitals routinely treat patients for communicable diseases.
Clinics have flexible scheduling, check in on patients and return phone calls.
Specialists who use scalpels at highly regarded, expensive facilities behave with a bias:
Refuse to contact clinic doctors or even briefly review a new clinic on the web.
Disparage a topic on which they have no knowledge.
Deny the existence of an advance in the field that could hurt their revenue stream.
Use highly charged statements to sow doubt in patients and their families.

Why Dr. Ansanelli is a better surgeon:
Busy, but takes time to listen to any concern.
Dedicated support staff.
High-quality laser surgical equipment is used.


Approximately one month ago, I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma in my right breast. As a young woman, I was shocked and in disbelief when I heard those words. My surgeon and nurse practitioner ordered a core biopsy and a breast MRI. After the biopsy, I experienced an incredible amount of pain for two days, as if someone had inserted a hot needle into my chest. Very uncomfortable. (I wish I had gone to Dr. Ansanelli for a laser biopsy first). During the breast MRI, I had a reaction to the contrasting agent and the tech kept messing up the scans. The doctors in my hometown said, the mass had moved into my chest wall and only discussed the options of chemo or hormone therapy. No discussion of the removal of the mass. After all of these grueling experiences, I decided to look for alternatives to the standard options of care my doctors were prescribing to me, as they did not even address my concerns about my fertility. This was very unnerving to me. I felt like a number in the exam room. They were very clinical and a little cold. After several hours searching on the internet for a more open, compassionate surgeon, I found several patient reviews about Dr. Ansanelli's Co2 laser breast surgery. After reading through the website, I felt this procedure would work for me. One week after I submitted my medical records to his office, I was sitting in his office preparing for surgery. Never in my life had I experienced such care, efficiency, and customer service from a doctor and his staff. You cannot get this kind of care anymore in the mainstream of corporate medical establishments. The best part of the experience was that Dr. Ansanelli gave me choices and empowered me to listen to what my own body was telling me. He agreed that I needed the mass removed as soon as possible. He performed a partial mastectomy. You cannot even tell I had surgery! My breast looks amazing. I walked out of the office about an hour after surgery with minimal bleeding and was able to have lunch with my mother. No pain meds were needed. I have been taking the suggested supplement, Arnica, for discomfort. One week later, I am doing fabulous and feel the burden of my toxic mass has disappeared. I noticed that I was breathing deeper and had more energy after it was removed. It is my firm belief that Dr. Ansanelli was instrumental in saving my life by removing the mass that other physicians wanted to wait to remove. I could not have asked for a better surgical experience and strongly encourage other women to explore this option when looking for an alternative to traditional breast cancer surgery.

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