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Then and Now: Ms. D- Stage 4 ulcerating tumor now cancer free

Ms. D, had Stage 4 breast cancer. Today, over two years after her laser surgery, she is in remission with no detection of any cancer.

Ms. D had HER2 positive breast cancer, a very aggressive tumor that was growing out of the breast and ulcerating. She could not have chemo and already had two blood transfusions. She also had taken Herceptin, which shrunk the tumor a bit, but not much. She had to change bandages routinely because she was constantly bleeding. D, strong and resilient, dealt with this frustration for almost a year while trying different medications, like Herceptin, to shrink the tumor. The results proved that her tumor was non-receptive to medication.

Ms. D found out about Dr. Ansanelli and made the trip to have his Co2 laser surgery. He completed for D, a laser mastectomy and laser axillary node removal. D was out having dinner with her family immediately following her major surgery. She was out to dinner two hours following a laser mastectomy for her Stage 4 ulcerating tumor and a laser axillary node removal! D flew back home and was back to work just two days after her procedure! Pathology showed CLEAR margins. NO cancer remaining in the breast.

Now D, over two years later has no sign of any cancer. She does targeted treatment and did proton therapy. She says if she had known about Dr. Ansanelli’s laser surgery sooner in her breast cancer journey, she would have addressed the cancer at a much earlier stage.

Having been very private about her breast cancer, this was a major step for D to share her story. This effort is to support other women, and the community, advocating options like Dr. Ansanelli’s laser surgical advancements.

Thank you D for opening up. Your strength and courage is deeply inspiring to other women and especially to your daughter.






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