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Merry Horden

Merry from Las Vegas got a little emotional with us. Just like you all, she found out about Dr. Ansanelli through her Alternative Cancer Treatment Facebook groups! Two years ago, Merry got diagnosed with a breast tumor. After finding out, she went completely alternative. She made sure she stayed completely healthy and took care of herself. But the tumor wouldn’t shrink or go away. That’s when she found Dr. Ansanelli and Laser Breast Cancer Surgery. Merry was extremely satisfied with how easy and painless the surgery was. She got up and went shopping after the surgery. Isn’t that unbelievable? But Merry was also disappointed that this option isn’t a part of the medical system in our world today. “It makes me sad that this option is not provided to women everywhere by the medical system.”, she says. She hopes every person battling breast cancer gets the chance to consider Laser Breast Cancer Surgery, and consider it hard! We’re with you on that, Merry! #LaserBreastCancerSurgery#LaserIsAnOptionToo #SayYesToLaser


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