How Lumpectomies by The Ansanelli Co2 Laser Technique Take Preventative Measures Reducing Potential Cancer Cell Spread

The Ansanelli Co2 Laser Technique for Lumpectomy

The Ansanelli Co2 Laser Technique is highly beneficial in removing a suspicious area for a lumpectomy. Many times, it is unknown whether the area in question is a cancer. Even with a smaller procedure the standard methods of removal (knife/cautery), can create many post-operative complications. These include painful bruising, hematomas. This is due to the damaging of the cells and tissues during dissection. Cancer cell spread is a common concern with knife surgery.

The Ansanelli Co2 Laser Technique uniquely protects the patient during the removal process

In contrast, The Ansanelli Co2 Laser Technique first creates a finite bloodless incision. Throughout the procedure pain and trauma typically created by standard surgical approaches are eliminated. The Ansanelli Co2 Laser Technique painlessly dissects tissue without creating any disruption or cellular damage. While the specimen/biopsy is removed, the sealing and sterilization features of The Ansanelli Co2 Laser Technique benefits the patient by dramatically reducing the cell spread throughout the blood vessels and lymphatics. This is especially beneficial in addressing an unknown mass. Once completely excised from the body, Dr. Ansanelli performs a unique process of lazing the surgical area, without dissecting any further tissue. This lazing provides further sterilization and sealing while eliminating any remaining microscopic cell activity in the surgical site. Animal studies have demonstrated an 80% reduction in local recurrence.

Unique to The Ansanelli Co2 Laser Technique there is never any burning, charring or residual dead tissue remaining in the body to be reabsorbed (like ablative methods). The specimen is immediately sent to a state accredited lab for pathological testing to confirm a complete and thorough analysis of the tumor. This includes a confirmation that the margins are free of cancer (if a cancer).

The Ansanelli CO2 Laser Technique provides a plastic repair

Dr. Ansanelli performs a plastic repair re-approximating the healthy tissue with his laser. This process fills the cavity with healthy tissue so that the breast is not deformed following surgery. The dissolvable sutures are placed underneath the skin for an improved healing result.

Why Ablative Methods are incomplete compared to The Ansanelli Co2 Laser Technique

Ablative methods might appear less invasive but they present further challenges for the patient both in the removal process and in pathological confirmation. Many times, radiation is required as a solution for incomplete cancer margin removal. Compare the surgical capabilities between The Ansanelli Co2 Laser Technique and Laser Ablation.

Patients considering mastectomy surgery find out how The Ansanelli Co2 Laser Technique has completely revolutionized advanced surgical care to benefit your fight.

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