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Laser Breast Cancer Surgery Is An Option Too

Katreice is from Georgia and had a great experience with Dr. Ansanelli. She was very excited and thankful to have found Dr. Ansanelli and Laser Breast Cancer Surgery. She believes that it was fate that she found him, and that he truly saved her life. Katreice says, “When we go through things like breast cancer, we’re only given one way – surgery, chemo, radiation. And when we decide to do something different, there aren’t many options presented to you. So just know that here at the breast cancer surgery clinic with Dr. Ansanelli, you do have the opportunity to have options.” She also stated that this was the 3rd day after her surgery, and she felt better than she had in months! How incredible is that? Katreice is very happy and very thankful for having found Laser Breast Cancer Surgery.



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