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Invasive Ductal Carcinoma

Tania traveled to New York from Colorado to have laser breast cancer surgery with Dr. Ansanelli. She was first diagnosed with aggressive invasive ductal carcinoma in 2012, again in 2014, and then again for a third time in 2017

She had an initial treatment of a lumpectomy and sentinel node biopsy done in 2012. After her second diagnosis in 2014, she had a bi-lateral mastectomy, reconstruction, chemotherapy, and a level 1/11 lymph dissection done. She chose laser breast cancer surgery because her experience in 2014 doing standard knife surgery was horrid. She went through tremendous pain, had a ruptured blood vessel, lymphedema, and went through trauma from the surgery. After reading Dr. Ansanelli’s name in a book by a doctor who specialized in alternative medicine, Tania did some research of her own and found Dr. Ansanelli’s website. She read about the procedures being done with much fewer side affects and pain and knew instantly that that was exactly what she wanted. She did not have any hesitations or concerns about the laser option. She says, “It sounded so sensible and intelligent when compared to standard surgery.” Tania had a bilateral mastectomy done with Dr. Ansanelli and walked out of the office after the surgery. She did not have general anesthesia during the surgery, was pain-free, and only took a Tylenol after the surgery. She ate normally, slept well, and even walked several times on the day of the surgery. On the second day, she walked and ate normally as well. “I rested a lot but was amazed at how good I felt.” Tania is very grateful for Dr. Ansanelli and hopes that the medical community comes to understand and accept the benefits of laser breast cancer surgery. She believes it is a tragedy that the medical community is stuck in outdated thinking.


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