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Why are so few doctors using lasers in Breast Cancer Surgery?
Dr. A: Lasers are the leaders in taking surgery to the next level of care. Depending on the area of the body depends on how far a surgical method has advanced. Currently, Universities have been trying to advance surgery in breast cancer with methods such as ablation. Unfortunately, these methods still are very limited in its ability and success. In over 25 years of advancing breast cancer surgery with the CO2 laser, it still is the leading method in the removal of breast cancer. Not only does it simplify the entire procedure, by eliminating hospital stay, general anesthesia, and Rx pain medications, protecting the patient during surgery and post-operatively, but is saves in expenses around the board. I have advanced its use to perform mastectomies without general anesthesia, and have all procedures performed in an outpatient accredited facility, enabling even mastectomy patients to walk off the table and resume their day after a half hour post-operatively, with only a Tylenol. This elimination of medications supports a cancer patient’s immune system, the immediate recovery supports the emotional strength of the patient, giving them physical and emotional strength for their next step.

How did this laser surgery for breast cancer develop?
Dr. A: I trained with Dr. Isaac Kaplan, founder of the CO2 laser. Their is more informational links about this great individual on my personal page of this website. After training with Dr. Kaplan in the CO2 use for general surgery, I traveled internationally to train further in various surgical methods of breast cancer surgery, while I further developed the use of the CO2 laser in the removal of all types of breast cancer tumors. This information was published and lectured on for societies such as the American Cancer Society-, New York City: Advantages-Lasers In Breast Surgery, THE 6th CONGRESS of the INTERNATIONAL SOCIETY for LASER SURGERY and MEDICINE in Jerusalem, Israel. Comparison of the Results of the Surgical Treatment for Breast Cancer, Following the use of Laser and Scalpel. AMERICAN LASER SOCIETY, San Francisco, CA: The Use of Laser in Radical Axillary Dissection for Breast Cancer. AMERICAN LASER SOCIETY- Massachusetts: CO2 Laser in Cancer Surgery of the Breast, ANNUAL NATIONAL BREAST CANCER SYMPOSIUM San Antonio, Texas: Presentation of Lasers in Breast Cancer Surgery, KENNEDY MEMORIAL HOSPITAL Philadelphia, Pennsylvania: Instructor for Hands on Course Lasers in Breast Surgery, and RUTGERS MEDICAL SCHOOL, Newark, New Jersey: Instructor for Hands on Course Lasers in Breast Surgery
Jane Brody, chief editor of the Science Section of the NY Times wrote about my work in lasers for breast cancer surgery in an article Lasers Lessens the Trauma of Surgery In the Uterus published on April 14th, 1987.
This great work is reaching all parts of the globe because women are more proactive, and educated decisions makers. Breast cancer surgery should not impede on a woman’s life style. If surgery is indicated not only should she have the safest, most effective method, but also a method that does not wear her down, physically or emotionally. This is why I have continued to advocate, advance and support this great work, knowing that at some point every woman will have this as an option of surgery available to them.
EVERY WOMAN IS A CANDIDATE for these procedures; addressing all stages and types of breast cancer. It is our goal that every woman is informed about this option.

Why aren’t you operating in hospitals?
Dr. A: For many years I performed laser breast cancer surgery in hospitals such as Lennox Hill in NYC and at North Shore University Hospitals on Long Island, NY. With the dramatic rise of hospital infections, I felt it was unnecessary to expose my patients to this risk. Laser Breast Cancer Surgery is an out patient surgery for every procedure including mastectomies and axillary node, as well as being a clean surgery. There is no need for patients to be exposed to ambient air filled with bacteria and viral infections. Knowing that for many women going through breast cancer, the experience can also be emotionally sensitive, having the privacy and personalized care of this facility, makes their experience less stressful to go through. Throughout this website you can read all the medical benefits that the CO2 laser provides the woman or man going through a surgical procedure, enabling them this ability to be in a private setting.


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