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A Personal Note

As a surgeon specializing and developing the use of the CO2 laser for breast cancer removal for over 25 years, and having observed and researched other methods of surgical treatment being utilized, the CO2 laser is superior to other methods available today.

This option of treatment is not under trials and all patients struggling with breast cancer are candidates, providing them the opportunity to have any procedure from microscopic activity to mastectomy and axillary node dissections all performed by the CO2 laser. This natural approach hastens the recovery process. It not only supports the breast cancer patient physically during surgery and post-operatively, but their emotional well-being. When a patient is not traumatized physically, they are able to face the next step of treatment with empowerment.

The CO2 laser was founded and developed for general surgery by Isaac Kaplan M.D., who also founded The International Society for Laser Surgery and Medicine. He not only proved that the CO2 laser was the "laser of choice” for surgery, but designed it to solve specific surgical problems that could be utilized as easy as a scalpel. A few links listed below, describes his incredible contributions to medicine and as an individual to society.


I had the great honor of training with Kaplan in his development and application of the CO2 laser in general surgery. Seeing how advantageous the results were for the patient, and due to the very high incidence of breast cancer on Long Island, I continued independently to travel and develop my techniques in breast surgery, further developing the use of the CO2 laser specifically in the area of breast surgery, and in the removal of breast cancer. In a very eloquent poem created by Kaplan, attached below, he not only expresses the tremendous advantages with the CO2 laser surgical tool, but also mentions the surgeons who took his vision and applied the CO2 laser specializing surgery in various parts of the body.




To further evaluate how tremendous the CO2 lasers capabilities are please find more information listed below.

Major factors make this method a leader in the removal of breast cancer. Firstly, there is no general anesthesia for any procedure including removal of Stage IV breast cancers, which are usually removed by mastectomy and when necessary axillary node dissections. This is very relevant because not only is general anesthesia suppressing a cancer patient’s already compromised the immune system, but it is also masking the pain that is occurring during surgery. This damage does not go away once the patient wakes up, leading to necessary Rx pain medications, morphine, heavy drainage, higher risk of infections and prolonged healing time. The CO2 laser method eliminates these adverse reactions because this surgery is not damaging tissue and has minimal stress to the body. It is utilizing the natural components of the body’s tissue as it removes the cancer. This is accomplished by vaporizing the water in the cells while sealing the remaining tissues, including the lymphatics and smaller blood vessels. This not only benefits the physical recovery from surgery but it also reduces the cancer cell spread throughout the body. So there are multiple benefits occurring simultaneously that will carry over into the patient’s post-operative recovery and overall health.

As laser breast cancer surgery is a clean surgery and does not require hospitalization it is not necessary to be exposed to environments that have infected air. This outpatient capability even applies to the most advanced procedures including mastectomies and axillary node dissections. I have developed a nationally accredited outpatient surgical facility, with a team of highly trained compassionate individuals who support, provide, and guide my patient’s from start to finish. Each patient has a personal and private experience which is very complimentary to the sensitivity that is crucial in the treatment of breast cancer.

It has been my guiding force and passion throughout my long career as a surgeon to advance the treatment of breast cancer surgery utilizing the CO2 laser, as it provides more benefits to a patient than any other method. Revolutionizing the surgical treatment of breast cancer from a scientific perspective has been very rewarding, but the greatest gift of all has been the positive and lasting impact it has had on each individual life. Making choices as a patient that benefit you during a time of vulnerability and fear is a very challenging position. In some ways, this can be compared to the courage and fortitude that it takes a surgeon in trying to make advancements that are unique in how patients are surgically treated. Facts and repeated successful results are what support these brave decisions, and not basing choices on just popular belief. My patients range in age, nationality, cancer type, and gender. They are very educated, informed, and strong individuals that have done their research and have connected the dots in making superior choices, changing their lives, and their breast cancer journey.



  • Downstate Medical College of New York - Medical Degree Kings County Hospital, New York
  • General Surgical Internship Columbia Presbyterian Hospital and Medical Center, New York
  • General Surgical Residency, Chief Surgical Resident Fellowship Breast Cancer - Columbia Presbyterian Hospital University of Rochester, New York
  • Laser Development Sharplan Laboratory - Laster Technology - Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine - Laser Development
  • 'BEST DOCTORS' in NY, Castle Conolly Guide
  • 'Physician of the Year' 1988-1989 Italian-American Cancer Society


Professional Lectures

  • New York Metropolitan Breast Cancer Group
  • American Society For Lasers in Medicine & Surgery
  • American College of Surgeons
  • American Board of Surgery
  • NY State Medical Society
  • Nassau County Medical Society
  • Nassau Surgical Society
  • American Society of Breast Surgeons


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