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Debra Hall

Debra traveled all the way from Colorado ready to have her Laser Breast Cancer Surgery. She had already done a needle biopsy the traditional way prior to Laser Breast Cancer Surgery. Debra had a horrible experience with the traditional method and said, “It was a disaster!” Unfortunately, Debra’s cancer came back after 5 months which is why she highly recommends anyone battling breast cancer to avoid having a needle biopsy done. However, her experience with Dr. Ansanelli and Laser Breast Cancer Surgery was the complete opposite. Debra says, “Dr. Ansanelli was wonderful.” She loved his care, patience, and most of all bedside manners. Debra says that laser treatment is so much safer for women, and she is very thankful that she found him. Having a bad experience prior to the CO2 laser, Debra was very satisfied when she found out that the CO2 laser keeps the cancer from spreading. “It should be done to every woman, not done the traditional way. […] I want women to know that there is another way.” #LaserBreastCancerSurgery #SayYesToLaser#LaserIsAnOptionToo


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