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Cancer Free For 3 & A Half Years:

“My Breast Still Looks Like My Breast”

3 and a half years after her surgery, Judy is still cancer free and happier than ever with her decision to go with laser breast cancer surgery. When she found out she had beginning stages of breast cancer, she knew that she did not want to undergo the standard surgeries or treatments for breast cancer that would be recommended to her. She did not want to cope with the side effects on her body. She wanted to go for a natural approach and did extensive research looking for alternatives. Judy found out about Dr. Ansanelli and the Ansanelli Co2 laser technique. She and her husband were already familiar with electronic and laser equipment because they both run an electromagnetic compatibility testing laboratory. Judy was attracted to the idea of getting her tumor removed by a Co2 laser because of the many benefits it would provide. First, the laser would get rid of the cancer cells solely by laser, and prevent the further spread of the cancer cells. Second, there would be no hospitalization. Lastly, the side effects of post-surgery such as bruising, pain, etc. would be very minimal to none. Because general anesthesia was not necessary, she was able to go back to the hotel, eat dinner, sleep without discomfort, and drive home the next day for 4 hours. Judy was glad that she experienced everything that she expected. Her breast healed quickly and without any complications. Judy believes that this option should be available to every woman out there suffering from breast cancer.


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