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What is the Ansanelli Technique with Co2 laser?

Laser breast cancer surgery is a unique breast cancer surgical option pioneered by Vincent Ansanelli M.D., F.AC.S. He has advanced the standard process of breast cancer surgery by developing surgical techniques with the FDA approved Co2 laser. The Ansanelli Co2 laser technique benefits every stage of cancer and is applied to every standard breast cancer procedure. Uniquely, every patient from a diagnosis biopsy to an advanced Stage IV radical mastectomy with axillary node removal has a trauma free surgery. This is due to an elimination of general anesthesia, hospitalization, Rx pain medications post-operatively, enabling immediate recovery. The Ansanelli Co2 laser technique dramatically reduces typical hematomas, infections, heavy drainage and pain caused by surgery. The lack of medications supports the weakened immunity of the cancer patient. This patient empowering option is not under trials or experimental evaluation. Thousands of patients have benefitted.


Process during surgery:

Dr. Ansanelli’s technique has advanced the use of the Co2 laser going deeper than surface layers. Unlike other breast cancer surgical tools, his Co2 laser enables a damage free process dissecting utilizing the water in the cell rather than ablating, burning, or electrically cutting tissue. Simultaneously during removal of the cancer in its entirety, his techniques seal the surrounding lymphatics and smaller blood vessels during the cancer excision. This reduces the spread of cancer cells. In animal studies it has proven to reduce local recurrence by 80% - The Effect of CO2 Laser Excision on Local Tumor Recurrence.


Process after surgery:

The Ansanelli technique with Co2 laser revolutionizes the post-operative recovery process. Every laser procedure including the most advanced mastectomy and axillary node removal patients have complete autonomy within an hour after surgery. With at most a Tylenol, they leave the accredited out -patient facility resuming their day going for lunch and light activity.  There is minimal follow up care enabling patients to sight see in NYC or fly home after major surgery. This option has taken breast cancer surgery to a new level. Making the overall experience more efficient, simplifying the standard experience while providing a higher level of care.

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There is a multitude of improvements during every surgical procedure including eliminating trauma, pain and damage to the tissues, therefore, eliminating the need for general anesthesia, nerve blocking, and Rx pain medications for every procedure including radical mastectomies and axillary node dissections. All patient’s, including Stage IV breast cancer removals, have the ability and capability post-operatively to leave the surgically accredited out-patient clinic a half hour to an hour post-operatively, going out for lunch or light activity.

Not only has the surgical experience been improved by Dr. Ansanelli's CO2 laser surgical method, so has the post-operative recovery. There is little to no infection, reduced drainage, and no pain, eliminating Rx pain medication and morphine after major surgery- at most a Tylenol is taken soon after surgery. The CO2 laser has the ability to completely remove the tumor from the breast, going deeper than just surface layers without damaging the tissue and without leaving necrotic tissue, requiring further surgeries. Dr. Ansanelli’s technique has benefited thousands of women and men from around the world at all ages, types, and stages of breast cancer.

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