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Introduction to The Ansanelli Co2 Laser Technique

Pioneering surgeon Vincent Ansanelli M.D., F.A.C.S., has globally revolutionized breast cancer surgery. Uniquely it provides a trauma-free option supporting the weakened immunity of the cancer patient. These benefits include painless surgery greatly reducing  Rx medications, infections, complications, eliminating general anesthesia, and hospitalization. This option treats all stages of breast cancer, while technologically advancing standard surgical procedures. Sealing and sterilization benefits have demonstrated in animal studies an 80% reduction in local recurrence. This study illustrates the lasers sealing and sterilization capabilities of reducing cancer cell spread. The Ansanelli Co2 Laser Technique not only reshapes the standard surgery being offered (knife and cautery modalities) but benefits patients beyond their surgical experience. In contrast, more commonly utilized surgical modalities (knife, electric cautery, laser ablation), are limited and incapable of making this necessary advancement of surgical care. Dr. Ansanelli unites a rare limitless winning combination, of technique and technology, empowering both a patient’s surgical experience during surgery and in post- surgical life.

The Reasoning Behind this Advancement:

Before advancing breast cancer surgery care by laser, Dr. Ansanelli experienced first-hand the standard approach that is trained and utilized by surgeons globally. Dr. Ansanelli regarded the process as being counter-productive putting more pressure on the surgical team and equally putting patients at further risk. He also questioned why a cancer patient should be put through such a traumatic experience both physically and emotionally while trying to do what was right by surgically removing their cancer? His mission was to simplify the experience so that patient, surgeon, surgical team, and family would be empowered throughout this process.

For a breast cancer surgery patient, Dr. Ansanelli believes a patient should be provided an option eliminating dependency on therapists (physical and mental), extra testing and manipulations (further biopsies), general anesthesia (greater risks and complications during and after surgery) nerve blocking (manipulation of nervous system). The Ansanelli Co2 laser technique eliminates all these factors. Dr. Ansanelli has enabled surgical care to take a new form, enabling patients to empower themselves rather than be victimized by their cancer. He also believes when surgically removing the cancer the long-term effects from surgery should benefit a patient, instead of compromising them.

Alternative Medical Approaches Trying To Avoid Surgery

Cancer cell spread is a great concern among patients facing surgery. Knowing this risk, many breast cancer patients delay or put it off. Some turn to more alternative/naturalistic approaches to strengthen overall immunity with hopes that the tumor will shrink or die off. In best cases, the tumor may shrink, but most commonly not disappear. During this prolonged process, the body is still expending energy fighting the breast cancer while undergoing treatment. Another natural approach is utilizing topical treatments such as Black Salve. The purpose is to “draw out” the tumor from the breast in hopes that it will fall out completely. This process further complicates the inevitable surgical tumor removal due to the necrotic, breaking through the skin presentation that the salve creates. This is another version of prolonging surgery, but ultimately not eliminating the root of the problem, breast cancer.

Standard Approaches to Breast Cancer Treatment

On the other end of the spectrum, more traditional approaches advise patients to have therapies (chemo & radiation) before surgery which may be necessary in certain advanced cancer. Although this is an option, what should be considered is that the body is tirelessly fighting both the tumor and now the debilitating effects of the cancer treatment. This presents a further weakening of the immune system even before the surgery has been performed. If the patient undergoes typically presented surgical options by knife and cautery, this will further compromise their system (Read comparison of standard surgical approaches to The Ansanelli Co2 Laser Technique on BENEFITS Page) The body being in such a vulnerable state should be first relieved of the main source of comprise (breast cancer), and then address treatment and/or further testing. This puts the patient in a stronger physical state as well as not exposing the patient to further radiation, while the main source of cancer is still in the body.

Dr. Ansanelli’s Mission to Revolutionize Surgical Care

Dr. Ansanelli’s breast cancer surgery approach is to effectively treat breast cancer with the least amount trauma while respecting the overall well-being of the patient. The first step is addressing the root of the cancer which he feels stems from the breast. This applies even when the cancer has metastasized throughout the body. Addressing this main root source before anything else, he strongly believes is the essential first step of treatment. Once the root (breast tumor) is removed and especially by a trauma-free surgical option, the body and immune system will be dramatically freed from the main source of toxicity and strain. This is accomplished without adding further complications from inferior surgical methods. His theories have demonstrated themselves with the success of his Co2 laser surgical patients. The day after major surgery instead of being hooked up to IV’s and relying on Rx medications, his patients have brighter complexions, they are vital and physically active. This consistent outcome dramatically emphasizes how much strain the breast cancer puts on the overall system. Additionally, having a superior technically advanced surgical option is a tremendous factor supporting successful outcomes.

The Ansanelli Co2 Laser Technique exponentially shifts surgical care as it provides tremendous advances that are not offered in other methods. A few benefits include surgery without trauma to the tissue, Rx medications, infections, hospitalization, and general anesthesia. Dr. Ansanelli’s surgical patients have the physical capability to immediately start therapeutic treatment after surgery. Once the main cancer has been removed their system dramatically benefits even at lower doses of treatment. The body at this point is not compromised by the cancer and is more receptive. This maximizes the therapeutic application as well as effectively addressing remaining metastatic areas. This logical approach has served Dr. Ansanelli’s patients incredibly well. Even in the most extreme cases with ladies having Stage 4 necrotic cancers. Many of these advanced breast cancer patients have been able to proceed with a more normal life

How The Ansanelli Co2 Laser Technique Developed

Dr. Ansanelli’s foresight in surgical care has come with an armamentarium of exposure and education. His training has been extensive including being a leading surgical resident for many years under the tutelage of breast cancer surgical pioneer Dr. Cushman D. Haagensen at Columbia University Medical Center. As a leading and respected surgeon on long Island at North Shore University, now Northwell Health, Dr. Ansanelli decided to take his technical abilities and advance surgical practice to a new level. Learning about laser advancements in Israel he represented the hospital joining regent surgeons as a guest of the mayor of Tel Aviv and the Meridor family (Israeli politician and minister). Surgical innovations to various areas of the body with the Co2 laser were being implemented. Seeing the unique benefits of the technology, Dr. Ansanelli took this opportunity to pioneer a technique applying the Co2 laser for breast cancer surgery.
The unique sealing and sterilization benefits of the laser immediately demonstrated in animal studies that local recurrence was reduced by 80%. This sterilization and sealing benefits maximized efficiency for patients by expediting typical prolonged recovery care and pain was dramatically minimized. There was little to no infections, drainage or complications demonstrated. Patients were autonomous at a faster rate, leaving the hospital before the patients who had knife and cautery surgery (the standard practice of surgery). He lectured internationally and wrote in respected medical textbooks and journals on these benefits in his advancements with  Co2 laser in breast cancer surgery. Dr. Ansanelli continued developing the work in long Island and New York City hospitals ranging from small tumors to advanced radical mastectomies with axillary node dissections. He continued to advance the technique for all standard breast cancer procedures enabling even the most radical mastectomies to be outpatient without general anesthesia or Rx pain/ infection medication. This presents a dramatic shift in major surgery being offered anywhere globally.

Why Dr. Ansanelli is the Only Surgeon Doing It and Future Global Application

Many patients ask “Why aren’t other surgeons performing this option”. Dr. Ansanelli’s advancements revolutionize the entire model of surgical care. His work eliminates standard factors that are necessary to perform surgery. These methods (knife and cautery surgery) are trained to surgeons in residency programs. Dramatic shifts in treatment, like The Ansanelli Co2 Laser Technique, are very difficult to implement. To support global breast cancer surgical care in areas that do not have access to treatment, Dr. Ansanelli is now in the process of building an educational platform for his advancements to uniquely benefit patients in these regions. Due to the restrictions created by other methods of care, there are many cases of breast cancer that are unable to afford or get access to treatment. If you are interested in joining our email list regarding this effort please submit below.

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