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Barbara Hopkin Testimonial

Barbara Hopkin had a mastectomy done with Dr. Ansanelli a few weeks ago. Initially, she went to 4 other oncologists who would not do surgery and said she needed chemo and radiation. So instead, Barbara decided to go through alternative methods. She found her way to Dr. Ansanelli and had a wonderful experience with her Laser Breast Cancer Surgery. Barbara says, “Dr. Ansanelli and his staff were fabulous. They told us everything to expect. […] I feel clear. […] I wasn’t able to shrink the tumor this time so essentially Dr. Ansanelli saved my life. […] I definitely recommend this surgery. […] This is the way to go. It’s painless, less invasive, very hopeful, better for you, and better for cancer not to be spread throughout your body.”

Sending you love and prayers, Barbara!



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