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About Alexandra N. Ansanelli laser Breast cancer Surgery

About Alexandra N. Ansanelli - Laser Breast Cancer Surgery


My name is Alexandra and I will be taking you on this journey.


You can read and listen is to my story by clicking on the links below

“If I had known about this work before, I would have had my surgery sooner. I never would have waited this long”. This haunting comment is the most common phrase I have heard from Dr. Ansanelli’s laser ladies. It is a statement that also represents one of the driving components for my advocacy. I hesitate to use the word “patient” as it seems like a passive word, and one of weakness. This total laser breast cancer surgery, not laser ablation, revolutionizes the former breast cancer surgical model. It is the antithesis of passivity and instead puts someone fighting cancer a step ahead.


Breast Cancer is a physical fight! Female or male, solutions that will not further weaken the body like most advanced surgical approaches are essential! Why should someone with cancer move backward in order to take a step forward? Topics such as immunological support benefitting during surgery and post-operatively/long term are essential, as cancer is ultimately an immunological problem. This method has the ability to eliminate heavy medications, narcotics and tissue damage enabling immunological support. Local recurrence is reduced 80% by sealing and sterilization eliminating infections and blood transfusions. Tissue damage is also eliminated enabling immediate recovery for radical mastectomy patients. They can be physical and resume their normal life immediately. These are the topics that are tangible. These are the issues that “support” and helplessness is avoided. If you were going into the boxing ring would you not train both mentally and physically? Would you not tape your hands or wear boxing gloves to protect yourself when combatting your opponent? What is the difference here? This unavoidable medical reality is exactly what inspired a respected surgeon, and once a boxer, Dr. Ansanelli, to take the road less traveled and develop a work that restructured and simplified the entire process of breast cancer surgery.


The work embraces all philosophies as it unites both Eastern and Western approaches when providing cancer surgical care. It helps the young by not debilitating or the more seasoned by not weakening the already depleted organs. It supports women who have chosen to brave it alone by keeping their treatment a secret or support the entire family by not making the matriarch completely incapacitated physically and emotionally. It respects different faiths as the Ansanelli laser technique eliminates medications and blood transfusions. As a famous ballet choreographer once said about dancing “less is more”. That philosophy equally applies to surgical care.


I hope that you will submit your email address here… join this effort, follow, and be part of this growing global community of advocacy. There is more to accomplish, and much more to come.


With warm regards,

Alexandra N. Ansanelli



  1. Fascinating work you are engaged in, greatly helping others. I’m very proud of you! Congratulations on finding your new passion.

  2. if it wasn’t for Dr. A I would be dead I have no family I had to rely on myself and Dr. A’s surgery expertise and God! I am cured!!!!


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