Laser Breast cancer Surgery Video

The use of FDA approved C02 laser with all of the benefits of time-tested standard surgery delivers the most beneficial advantages to women with Stage I to Stage IV breast cancer.


In the year 2017 what options does a woman or man have when they are faced with breast cancer surgery?

How has technology advanced their experience by reducing trauma during and post-operatively, while also increasing prevention? Lasers and LASER BREAST CANCER SURGERY are not just the wave of the future. The CO2 laser method is FDA approved and is not under evaluation or trials. Unlike every other method utilized for breast surgery, the CO2 laser has demonstrated in thousands of cases in various stages of breast cancer and procedures that it simplifies a breast cancer patient’s experience and benefits them more than any other method modality. Dr. Vincent Ansanelli, a pioneer in this great work, for over 25 years, has revolutionized the experience in every type of standard breast procedure in his techniques utilizing the CO2 laser. From the smallest biopsy to a radical mastectomy with axillary nodes. Read more about Dr. Ansanelli’s pioneering work in breast cancer surgery with the CO2 laser and the history of this laser.

"Lasers in standard Breast Cancer Surgery have enabled my patients immediate benefits and potentially less local recurrence."

~ Vincent Ansanelli. M.D., F.A.C.S
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The CO2 laser does not ablate, radiate, or burn. Instead, the carbon dioxide laser’s light naturally vaporizes the water, the element that makes up most of the body's tissues. Simultaneously, due to the release of thermal energy during this vaporization, the small blood vessels and lymphatics are sealed. This CO2 laser dissection is extremely beneficial to the patient because the technique has enabled these dissected tissues to be damaged, which achieves a superior postoperative recovery (explained here). It has preventative measures of reducing cancer cell spread throughout the body, a result from the sealing of blood vessels and lymphatics. In animal studies it has proven to reduce local recurrence - Read the study here.



  • No Hospitalization
  • No General Anesthesia
  • Decreased Tumor Cell Spread
  • Eliminates Need for Needle Biopsy
  • Reduces Risk of Nerve Damage
  • Reduces Risk of Recurrence
  • Finer Incisions & Decreased Scarring
  • Rapid Recovery
  • Morphine is unnecessary
  • No Nerve Blocking
  • Blood Transfusions are not needed
  • Increased Cosmetic Result
  • No RX Pain Medications
  • Reduces Risk of Infection


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